Apple Music Lossless Audio

Apple Music lossless Audio and Dolby Atmos launched in India

Apple music has has the “Coming soon” label on its app in India for the past two months and after multiple leaks and rumours about what it could be, Apple music has rolled out the lossless and spatial audio streaming features in the country. These key feature updates were announced back in May 2021 at the WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC) and most of the regions and countries got the update, but India missed out.

Since then, there had been multiple leaks and rumours about what it could be and some even suggested that the feature update could be delayed to August 2021. But, at the moment, the features have rolled out to all iOS devices including the Apple TV and excited users have taken to Social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to share it.

If you’re still wondering what the feature does, here’s a brief little explanation for you. Basically, the feature will allow the users to opt for enhanced audio quality based on the kind of music that is being played at that particular point in time. The only must or requirement to enable and use this feature, is to have a device that is compatible and can make the right use of this technology for the better.

To turn this feature on, what you essentially need to do is go to the settings app on your device, then click on audio quality bar, then the lossless music option and finally, the “turn it on” button which will enable the feature while the audio is played on the device.

Most of the headphones will support the feature but Apple’s headphone jack adapter offers support for Apple Music lossless Audio and is probably the most suited for getting the best experience out of this feature. These features, lossless and spatial audio, are probably subjective as it is different for everyone. Because what lossless audio does is, transmits more frequencies to your ear, but everyone’s ear is different and might not be able to feel the difference in the audio quality.

Some users have complained that the features aren’t completely available on the Android app but it is expected to be available on the Android Beta app at the moment and will soon roll out for the normal version of the app for everyone to use. 

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