Backup by Google One

‘Backup by Google One’ is Android’s new backup system

Google will now reportedly launch the “Backup by Google One” update and this will enable android users to back all their important data up in one place. Previously, the way data was backed up was that Call history, Wifi passwords, contacts, app data etc were only backed up automatically by Google but now with this new update, you will be able to back up your photos, videos and even MMS messages. And according to reports, Android is planning to bring this new update into one place and will probably be available in your smartphone’s settings app.

Earlier, when you wanted to transfer data from your old phone to the other, you had to go through a long process and wait for a long time to get the transfer done. But now, with the new “Backup by Google One” update where all your data is in one place, you can naturally just transfer your data to your new phone. This will provide easier solutions for the users and aside from backing up your videos and photos, Google also introduced unified backups in 2018 where users got more storage space for less prices.

The new update, available on any android phone’s settings, will also be available on the Google One app and website. Reports say that the new update will give you the option of enabling or disabling the option of backing up your videos, photos and MMS messages. This new feature will be present on all android devices and their Google accounts, and will give the user 15GB of free storage.

The company has said that the service will start rolling out in the coming weeks and will be accessible by anyone with a device which contains Android 8.0 and the versions above that. In 2020, MMS messages backups were made available by the company but the users had to download Google One App. The basic way to get to the “Backup by Google One” option at the moment is, going to settings app on your smartphone, then clicking on the system button and then finally, the backup option which is visible on your screen. This will get you to the backup page that you desire. 

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