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Best iOS 15 Features: Everything You Need to Know!

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The world of technology is growing at a very fast pace and Apple, being a globally famous technology giant, has a lot to do with it. The California based technology company now comes up with new iOS 15 and the company is always seen to bring more and more cool and awesome gadgets and features that make the life of its users much easier and happier.

To stand to its name and surpass its currently existing operating system, iOS 14, Apple will launch its new iOS 15 operating system very soon. iOS 15 has now finally arrived after Apple announced that the iOS 15 test version will arrive soon, in the WWDC 2021. As for now, the company is introducing the iOS 15 beta for developers and the beta version for the public.

The new iOS update brings a lot of new features and changes to the iPhone. It will introduce changes to notification experience, FaceTime tools for better calls and sound experience, privacy, and many others. There will be completely redesigned Safari, Weather, Maps, Photos, Messages and many more applications to check out.

A large number of people can now check out the upcoming features of the iPhones arriving later this year. Even just being a test version, the iOS 15 beta 1 is surprisingly perfect and already arrives with most of the upcoming features and changes.

iOS new features and changes

  1. Siri is now offline
  2. 3D apple map 
  3. Improved Notes
  4. Health app updates
  5. Brand new Focus mode
  6. Redesigned notification 
  7. FaceTime video and voice modes
  8. Spotlight 
  9. Redesigned Safari 
  10. New upgrades to Wallet
  11. Photo memory 
  12. Improved Remainder
  13. All new weather app UI
  14. Updated iMessage
  15. Improved Find My
  16. SharePlay

1. Offline Siri

Siri in iOS 15 is available offline and will work on the commands instructed by you even if you are not connected to the internet. This simply means that Siri will provide 24×7 offline services. Moreover, Siri will now use the Neural Engine that will facilitate in boosting responsiveness considerably and will also improve security.

iOS 15 Siri

The updated Siri supports on-screen context reading and will read what’s on the screen when you’ll command to do so. To provide a better response, Siri is updated in such a way that it will now be able to comprehend and memorize the most interacted contacts, new topics and words you use most often. 

Siri will now announce notifications even when your iPhone is connected to AirPods or Apple CarPlay and will also read out the onscreen text for you. Siri in iOS 15 comes with many native language support including Indian English, Indic, Mixed English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi and more.

2. 3D Apple Maps

iPhone Maps will now provide new and quite detailed 3D views for cities. Users will be shown a vast and detailed display of buildings, lanes, turns, neighbourhoods, etc. Moreover, there is a new “moonlit” night-time mode introduced in iOS 15 making it easier to travel at night.

iOS 15 Apple Map

A new 3D city-driving mode is also introduced that supports both iPhone and Apple CarPlay. Also, iOS 15 will introduce a walking guidance view that works on reality. All the user has to do is, hold his iPhone and the Map will automatically develop precise walking guidance utilising the iPhone’s camera.  

Travellers will now be able to find nearby fuel stations easily due to the improved transit navigation system. The iOS 15 beta comes with some more map features also, such as different colour roads and tagged landmarks, making travelling easier. 

3. Note App 

Apple has introduced a tag system in iOS 15. Users can create tags and sort and categorize their notes in a more systematic and convenient way. New custom folders in the Note app will now automatically collect and store your notes based on the tags given to them. The notes will also carry records for with whom it is shared and who modified it lastly with edit history options.

iOS 15 Notes

Also, iOS 15 has introduced a new “text from camera” feature that allows the user to write something directly from the camera. This Text from Camera is one of the best iOS 15 features because it’s implemented on all devices and you can scan text and paste anywhere you want. All a user has to do is to capture the sentence in the camera, and the text in the sentence will automatically get written in the notes.

4. Health

iOS 15 Health

Keeping health as a primacy, Apple is more attentive towards its user’s health in iOS 15. New changes have been made as now the users can share their health status with family and contacts. Another change in the Health app is the addition of Walking Steadiness, which benefits in overseeing fall risk. Moreover, users will be able to store their Covid-19 test and vaccination results by using a QR code in the iOS 15 Health app.

 5. New Focus Mode

iOS 15 Focus Mode

To help users in lessening the distraction, Apple is introducing a new tool in iOS 15, Focus. The new tool customises and filters notifications and other Home Screen pop-ups and helps the user to primarily focus on what he is doing at a particular time. When the user is on some work and has enabled the Focus tool, it will automatically show that the user is currently unavailable in the messages. However, urgent or important notifications will still be shown. Users will be able to customise Focus and select specific notifications and messages to be considered important. Users can also use Focus to set up auto-replies to messages.

6. Redesigned Notification

A major change in the iOS 15 will be the complete redesigned notifications. The new notification system will be more precise in categorising notifications and will classify and show non-urgent notifications at a better suitable time like in the evening or the morning. However, urgent notifications will be delivered on the display instantly.

iOS 15 Notifications

The iOS 15’s AI will be responsible to analyse and arrange the notification in an urgent and non-urgent category (by analysing the user’s app interaction time).  Moreover, if a message thread is continuously active but the user hasn’t engaged or instructed with it, the user will be suggested to mute the thread.

7. FaceTime

Apple is known for its quality video call tool, FaceTime. There have been many new improvements in FaceTime in iOS 15. A major improvement will be the Spatial Audio feature. By virtue of it, a person’s voice in the video calls is pitched such that the sound of the person seems to come straight from where the person is located on the screen display.

iOS 15 FaceTime

Also, FaceTime in iOS 15 will start portrait mode, which will allow the user to blur his background and maintain the whole focus on him. Along with new grid view features, new microphone modes are also introduced in the iOS 15 that improves the audio quality during a call by separating background notices from the user’s voice.

iOS 15 FaceTime with Android

Moreover, a new and major change that iOS 15 brings in FaceTime is that users will now be able to create the FaceTime room’s link and share it to other devices over apps including emails, messages, etc. Now, not only the iOS devices but Android devices can also join the FaceTime room through the link. The best thing is that Apple has assured privacy protection over FaceTime.

8. Improved Spotlight

Updated Spotlight tool, will be able to explore for pictures by analysing locations, scenes, people or objects, etc. Moreover, the new iOS 15 Spotlight feature can locate text and writings in photos using Live Text. The new Spotlight can be accessed shortly from the lock screen and also, users can install apps directly without putting off the spotlight.

iOS 15 Spotlight

Users will be able to use the spotlight for web image search and will now get quite more results compared to earlier. The improved Spotlight app now, will indicate the last shared conversations and pictures. It will also show the recent location if it is shared by FindMy.

9. Redesigned Safari

Apple’s own browser, Safari is also completely redesigned. In the new design, the Safari controls are located on the bottom screen making it easier to handle them with a single hand. There are some new additions such as voice search support, mobile web extension and customizable start page to iOS 15 Safari. For making it easier to shift between tabs, a compact tab bar is added to the bottom with the Smart Search field. Moreover, a new tab overview interface is designed for Safari.

iOS 15 Safari

iOS 15 will also prioritise your search privacy and IP address protection. It features Intelligent Tracking Prevention, which benefits in securing your IP address and Safari search privacy from trackers. Users can now share the webpage link with other apps easily just by long-pressing and then dragging the link to another app. Safari in iOS 15 will also translate any chosen text into the user’s preferred language.

10. Wallet

The iPhone Wallet is considerably improved in iOS 15. Now, users won’t have to take the iPhone out from their pocket to lock, unlock and start their car as the new car key support uses the Ultra-Wideband feature to perform car action directly. The wallet will also perform other car functions such as opening the car trunk, preheating it, honking, etc.

iOS 15 Wallet

Moreover, users can now store several other different types of keys also, in the wallet including office, home, hotel keys. Apple has informed that soon, its users in the U.S will be able to save their driving licence and state IDs in the iPhone wallet and also use their digital ID card at airports.

11. Photos

The Photos on iOS 15 will provide various information about the image such as the lens, camera, date, location, shutter speed, file size, etc. Users will also be able to alter the date and location of the image and can also add captions to the images.

iOS 15 Photos

A crucial improvement to the Photo app is an update in Memories. It now comes with a new layout and interface. Users will now get song recommendations for personalised photo memories from Apple Music. The company has claimed that syncing Cloud photos to a new device will be faster in iOS 15.

12. Reminder 


Similar to the Note app, Reminders will also feature tags now. Users will be able to arrange, search and filter reminders based on the tags assigned to them. iOS 15 features a new Tag Browser and Custom Smart lists, that benefit in collecting reminders easily. Users will also get quick access options, making it easier and faster to delete reminders that have been completed. 

13. Weather App

Weather App

In the new iOS 15, we get a completely redesigned Weather app. The primary changes in the app include a dynamic layout that alters in accordance with the outside climate, a full-display map, and graphical displays. The app will also provide notifications for stopping and starting phenomenons such as raining and snowing. The weather app will now indicate the Sun’s current position and moisture situations more precisely due to the completely redesigned animated background.

14. Messages


Various iOS 15 apps such as Safari, Photos, Apple Music, Apple News, Apple TV, and the Apple Podcasts, etc., now will support a “Shares with You” feature. Users will get the message content sent to them, in the “Shared with You” category of the related iPhone app.

15. Find My

Find My

In iOS 15, live streaming of devices will be supported. Users will now be able to find their lost iPhone even when the device is turned off or has its memory erased, because of the newly improved Find My app. Users will not get notifications if they leave their Apple device or Find My network-connected device at an unfamiliar locale. The Find My network will now also support the AirPod Pro and AirPod Pro Max in iOS 15.

16. SharePlay

iOS 15 is introducing a completely new feature to the iPhone called “SharePlay”. It allows the user to share his screen during FaceTime. Users can now enjoy media like TV Shows, Apple Music, Movies, etc. while sharing their screen with other persons on FaceTime. Any participants in the FaceTime call will be able to control the media actions.


Apart from Apple media apps, some other third-party apps including ESPN+, Paramount, Disney+, HBO+, MasterClass, HULU, TikTok, Twitch, and Pluto TV, also support SharePlay. Moreover, SharePlay is supported in iPad, Mac, and Apple TV also and users can do in-app messaging while sharing their screen.

17. Enhanced mail privacy and app activity record

iOS 15 is introducing a new feature “Mail Privacy Protection.” This feature is very beneficial in terms of the privacy and security of user data. The feature will notify the user about when and where his data information has been disclosed. Users can enable Mail Privacy with their IP address kept hidden to ensure security.

Mail Privacy and App Tracking

iOS 15 will regularly pass privacy reports that will contain all information related to your privacy including all those places such as camera, location, microphone, etc, that have your data stored. The report will inform the user about all the data shared with these in the past 7 days. 

iOS 15 other cool features

  • Users can now change the text size in the Notes app only through the control panel, without changing the overall text size of the iPhone.
  • iOS 15 comes with the live-text feature which allows the user to take screenshots or even type a text from reality to the Notes or every other app.
  • During FaceTime, users get three sound options, normal, voice isolation (complete background noise cancellation) and ultra-spectrum (every background sound).
  • In iOS 15, Apple TV will now provide Language, Subtitles and Playback support.
  • Another simple yet important update is that now, users can directly start a FaceTime or a voice call from iMessage without closing it.
  • iOS 15 also introduced a “feature a person less” option. Using this, you can choose which person’s images you want to see very little in your photos memory.
  • The new Focus mode in iOS 15 also helps you to choose your home screen layout while working. Users will get notifications from apps on that chosen screen layout only, while the focus is enabled.
  • A very beneficial feature that the iOS 15 will introduce is the free iCloud storage. Now, users will get free iCloud storage for 21 days, so it gets easy to transfer their data while changing their iPhones.
  • Now, users can toggle between Safari webpages by just swiping through the display.
  • iOS 15 has also introduced some cool and helpful widget options including Mail, Sleep, Find My and Game Centre.

Apart from these iPhone features of iOS 15, the new iOS also supports AirPlay to Mac now. Your Apple Mac can now function as an AirPlay speaker providing high-quality and stereophonic sound while playing any music or podcast from other devices.

How to get the iOS 15 beta version?

Apple has disclosed the iOS 15 in two versions, a developer beta (initially released) and a public beta (now available for everyone). Only registered developers can gain access to the iOS 15 developer beta by downloading the iOS 15 beta profile from the Apple Developer Centre. On the other hand, the iOS 15 beta for public testing can be easily downloaded from the beta.apple.com site.

However, we advise our readers to download and install the iOS 15 beta version on an unimportant device as the operating system is still improving and is an ahead release so it might come with some bugs and cause some issues to your iPhone.

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