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Clubhouse ends the invite-only system and is now open to all

Now Android and iOS users can both use the live-audio social media app, Clubhouse. Post-release, the app only accepted users through an invite-only feature. However, now they have dropped that feature and have given access to anyone who has the app downloaded. The primary reason it was using the invite-only system was that they were in Beta, and now Clubhouse is official and does not require an invite to join.

Covid-19 pandemic and many other factors boosted the growth of this app, because of which the app was able to get so many downloads on the App Store & Play Store. Many celebrities got on the app and joined different rooms, hosting online chat rooms and seminars. Even Tesla’s owner Elon Musk played a significant role in promoting this app, as he endorsed the usage of this app too. Clubhouse significantly impacted the social media industry, as many other social media apps started to incorporate chat rooms like Clubhouse into their apps. Clubhouse revolutionized online chat rooms in a major way.

Recently, they have been facing a lot of competition as every other Social Media app wants to become better at their game than them. They responded by stating that the increasing competition would present a lot of challenges to them. As more prominent organizations are very fierce with their competition.

In addition, other significant players in the Social Media industry are getting in on this concept which tells us how effectively Clubhouse popularised their app. And now everyone can access it without having to face the waiting-list hassle or without asking for invites. Clubhouse is severely upscaling their operations to match the consumer’s needs as they grow fast. They have constantly been bringing in new updates to be ahead of the chasing competition, and making it accessible to all was a very smooth move from Clubhouse.

Clubhouse shared statistics of the number of rooms hosted on the app and it has boomed from 50,000 to 500,000, which is phenomenal for an app that started as an invite-only platform. They are also working with TED to bring TED Talks to the platform and collaborate with creators, celebrities, and influencers to refine their platform.

The latest version of Clubhouse is out now, which will let you join without dealing with the wait-list or the invite-only function. Clubhouse is looking for every opportunity to make the user experience better and stay ahead of the competition. After a crazy success from the Beta, the app is destined to achieve much more as they go official.

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