WhatsApp Cloud Backups

Encrypted Cloud backups for WhatsApp data are now being tested in Beta for Android

WhatsApp, by default, offers end-to-end encryption for the texts that users send to each other, keeping those texts sacred to the users and inaccessible by other outside parties. But there is no possible way of encrypting the backed-up messages of the users. However, according to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is currently working on a feature that can independently encrypt the cloud backups of your chats, which are stored on a Google Drive.

The way this feature works is, the drive that has all the backed-up chats is password-protected, and the user can set the password, and without that password, no one can access or restore those backed-up chats. Traces of this encrypted cloud backups feature were reportedly found on the Android Beta version of WhatsApp. And this particular password would not be shared with any other organization and will only be exclusive to the user who has set it.

This feature is quite solid as this would prevent the user’s data from falling into the wrong hands. It promotes privacy within the platform and respects the user’s free will as no higher authority can get their hands on the user’s data without the user’s permission with the help of password-protected encryption. It also prevents hackers from accessing the data illegally.

WhatsApp lately has been on an incredible streak of developing updates that improve user experience, and this feature is one of them. Password-protected encryption will give the users more freedom and make them feel safer on the platform. Lately, they have also been developing another feature that gives more freedom to the users while uploading media, which gives them control over the quality of the media.

In addition, this feature also gives the users an option to secure their chat history with a password. Still, if the user forgets their passcode, WhatsApp will be providing a 64-digit recovery key. However, suppose the user forgets the password and loses the recovery key. In that case, the user’s chat history is permanently inaccessible, and WhatsApp or Facebook won’t be in any position to help the user re-access it.

Beta testers will be able to take benefit from this feature from today and can secure their chats through this feature. The feature looks very solid and delivers what it promises. To all the Beta users keep your version updated and enable this feature as soon as possible.

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