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Google now lets you delete your last 15 minutes of search history

Google has recently rolled out a new feature which currently is only available in the iOS version of the app. This feature allows users to delete up to 15 minutes of search history from the Google app on their mobile phones. This feature as stated by the Verge was revealed for the first time in the I/O 2021 with many other updates.

The American based Tech company has been working hard on enhancing the privacy of its users and the feature that was glimpsed earlier in May has finally appeared. This new feature wipes out the last 15 minutes of search history in a moment. However, it is only available in the iOS version of the Google app and is favourably going to be launched for Google’s Android app by the end of this year. 

This feature will be useful for those users who share the device and want their history to be unrevealed if someone checks on it. Google usually deletes the search history manually if the user chooses to but this makes the whole history disappear making it more suspicious or sometimes the user loses an important saved search history. For confidential searches, Google has the incognito mode but with this new feature in the hand, you will not have to switch the tabs while surfing on the app.

Google also has another facility for both Android and iOS users called the auto-delete feature where the user is required to choose from 3 different durations; 3 months, 18 months and 36 months. The app keeps the web and app activity safe till the duration selected by the user and Automatically deletes it after the time exceeds. Manually the app follows the option of 18 months duration but you can change when you want your search history to disappear by changing the duration from Search History settings.

Lately, Google shared a post where the company described the ‘Delete last 15 mins’ feature in detail and how it can turn out to be useful for users who share their smartphones. To enable this feature in your iOS Google app, click on your Google profile icon on the upper right corner of the app and you will find this option there. Android users of the Google app need to wait for a while to utilise this feature, by then they can use the auto-delete feature to safeguard or delete the history.  

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