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Multi-device 2.0: Whatsapp to add support for iPads and Android tablets

WhatsApp’s first phase of Multi-device support on WhatsApp began rolling out for some users around last month. And with this feature update, WhatsApp ultimately reinvented the WhatsApp Web feature, where now people did not need a single device to run WhatsApp on different devices. So, now a user can essentially link a device to the WhatsApp account through the QR code scan and use that account on a laptop or pc independent of the default smartphone. And this specific feature allowed linking of up to four different accounts for an account.

Moving from providing multi-device support for desktops and browsers, WhatsApp’s Multi-device 2.0 is slowly enabling this feature for iPads and Android Tablets. According to a Tweet from WABetaInfo’s official Twitter, WhatsApp is finally adding multi-device support for iPad and Android Tablets. WABetaInfo also provided a few screenshots showing a linked device labeled as ‘iPad’ in the list of linked devices.

With this feature being introduced, WhatsApp Web has been way more convenient to use for desktop users, as people did not need their default smartphones connected to the internet at all times. Additionally, this new feature syncs the chats, contact names, chat archives, and many other user-specific aspects, without breaking the end-to-end encryption. This feature added a lot of convenience to the online messaging platform, and now it has expanded its horizon to iPads and Android tablets as well.

The feature works similarly to the WhatsApp Web feature, where users can now find a ‘Linked Devices’ option in the top right positioned options menu on WhatsApp. From there, the user can join the Multi-Device Beta and log in to any four devices they prefer by scanning a QR code displayed on the respective device’s WhatsApp Web application/page. WhatsApp has also added biometric authentication with the new update and lets users link devices only if they provide their default smartphone’s saved fingerprint or passcode. This has been introduced to improve the security on the platform.

And like how WhatsApp features are rolled out, this particular feature will also be rolled out in phases, not all at once. So, if you cannot look for the multi-device feature on your smartphone or tablet, do not worry, as the feature will be available to you soon. Introducing support for Tablets is a huge step forward for WhatsApp and makes the platform much more comfortable for the users. So stay tuned, and soon the update will be arriving on your tablets.

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