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Researchers discovered multiple vulnerabilities in Telegram cloud chat, platform issued for fix

The MTProto encryption protocol used by Telegram was under investigation by researchers from Royal Holloway, University of London and the team found a lot of faults in the encryption protocol. There were many deformities in the Telegram cloud chat method for which the protocol is used. The MTProto encryption protocol comes into action when the users of the Telegram app do not opt for end-to-end encryption. Besides end-to-end encryption or E2EE, the company uses another protocol called MTProto encryption protocol. It is a medium used by the company as transport layer security (TLS) to secure the data of the user and keep the users from the attacks by the man in the middle, the protocol, however, cannot fully stop them from reading chats. 

The group of researchers from the University of London investigated the same protocol and called attention to the correction of deformities found. Telegram has recently rolled out a new update which tends to fix all those flaws that were found by the researchers. The company in a blog post said that the new update will abolish all those flaws that were detected in the cloud chat method of Telegram. The blog post contained all the flaws that were detected by the researchers. 

One of the deformities was capable of altering the messages, this vulnerability could be utilized by the attacker and he could use them to lure out the bots of the Telegram app. The other deformity that was found by the researchers was that the hacker after working a bit hard could extract plain texts from the encrypted messages. The researchers found this flaw in iOS, Android and the desktop version of the app. However, hackers need to put in a lot of effort to accomplish the extraction of plain text out of encrypted data.

This fact could not be denied even if these flaws sound like nothing significant but they could have established damage. The company acknowledged all the flaws that were detected by the researchers and the newest update tends to cover them all. All the telegram users out there must update the app to the latest version.

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