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The Twitter Direct Messaging system receives multiple minor improvements

One of the most noticeable features of the latest Twitter update is an update to the Direct Messaging system. Forwarding a tweet to multiple of your friend’s DMs separately created a Twitter group accidentally, which made multiple people accidentally start groups while forwarding Tweets. However, now Twitter finally announced an improvement that will fix this issue entirely.

On 19th August, Twitter put up a post on Twitter from their Twitter Support account, stating that they have planned some DM improvements over the week. And one of them included the issue of creating random group chats, where now a user can forward a Tweet to 20 different people without accidentally creating a group. This update was much-awaited and will be an excellent quality of life improvement for the users. Finally, people would not have to face the annoyance of accidentally creating a random group chat with multiple people.

Another feature update for the DM system includes a small arrow icon, which improves the scrolling function on the user interface of a Twitter DM. This small arrow, if tapped, will immediately scroll down the users’ chat to the latest chat in the DM. Adding a lot of convenience to the platform.

Additionally, a feature introduced now enables people to react to a message sent in the chat with their choice of emojis. This is similar to the double-tap feature, where users could like other users’ messages. However, apart from the double-tap, the person can also long-press on the chat where a pop-up will ask them to ‘Add reaction,’ which lets the users select any emoji reaction they want.

Concludingly, the last feature update that Twitter announced from their Twitter Support account is the improvement in the conversation scanning feature. The chats will now group messages by date to avoid timestamp clutter. Making the UI look much cleaner for the users.

Unfortunately, Android users would only be getting the quick scroll update and not the other four; however, Twitter officially stated that they are working on it. But it has sometimes taken years for iOS DM updates to roll out on Android. Hopefully, the remaining updates come out quickly for Android users too.

On the unofficial side, a prospective update for the Direct Messaging system in Twitter includes introducing voice messages, as Twitter still runs tests for that. With these new updates and prospected updates on the line, Twitter improves the users’ quality of life by constantly improving the platform.

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