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WhatsApp will soon allow users to send photos and videos in high quality

The world’s most used messaging app, WhatsApp, really turns out to be irritating sometimes, when the quality of the image you send to someone drops unexpectedly. However, WhatsApp is working on resolving this problem as the messaging company has introduced a new beta feature that will help you to decide the quality of images or videos you are sending.

According to a report by WABetainfo, in the new WhatsApp beta Android version, you can choose the image quality before sending or uploading an image or video. Users will be given three image quality options, Auto, Data saver and Best quality. Users will be able to select between these in the storage and data setting section.

In a tweet, Wabetainfo stated that high resolution photos and videos feature will be coming to WhatsApp Android beta for Android in future and users will be able to configure it within WhatsApp Chats Settings. It will be available only for chats, groups and broadcast lists, but not for status updates and profile pictures.

As the option names suggest, if you select the auto option, WhatsApp will decide the image or video quality of the image. If you select the data saver option, you’ll be able to send a compressed version of the image which will be low in quality. And if you select the best quality option on WhatsApp, images and videos will be sent in high quality. However, these image and video quality options will be only available when you’ll send images and videos in person or groups. Uploading images and videos in status will be the same as now.

Until now, if one wanted to send an image in high quality through WhatsApp, he had to convert the image into document format and then send it. The new image and video quality selection feature is still undergoing process and will only come in the beta version, that too only for Android.

Considering all these, it is safe to expect a wait of a few months before the new feature officially arrives in the WhatsApp for Android and soon in the iOS after that.

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