Instagram Sensitive Content Control

You can now customize what you see on your explore tab on Instagram

The Facebook owned company, Instagram, has launched new features on the iPhone which allows users to control their own account and what they see on their explore tabs. The “Explore” tab displays photos and videos of people that you might not even be following, to let you discover new things ranging from Art, Food, Travel etc. The company said that it recognises that everyone has different ideas and preferences as to what they want to see on their explore tabs and this new feature will give people the choice of Instagram displaying what they want to see.

This comes after Instagram and many social media platforms have been held responsible for spreading hate and fuelling insensitive content and the company has promised to make the platform a better and more tolerative place.

What this feature basically does is, it will allow you, the user, to decide what kind of content you want to see on your feed and negate some type of content which might not be breaking the rules, but is considered sensitive. This feature, at the moment, is called “Sensitive Content Control.”

To turn this feature on, users must go into settings of Instagram app and there will be a sensitive content control function there. Upon clicking on that, the app will display three options; “Allow”, “Limit”, “Limit even more” and based on your preference, you can choose from either of the three and the app will react in that manner regarding sensitive content. To make it even more fair and tolerating, the company said that the “Allow” option will not be given to users who are below the age of 18.

According to Facebook, this will give you full control over what you see on the explore page based on your preferences and this feature will offend less and become more tolerant towards an individual’s ideas.

The company said that this is a part of a bigger initiative taken by Instagram which will slowly allow the users to customise their own feed and what they see completely. It has also taken the initiative of reducing hate comments and taking drastic measures towards non toleration of racism in the comments of black athletes posts. 

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